How Jadek Printing Works

How Jadek Printing Works

At Jadek, we cater to two kinds of customers, one who has their own printing designs. They send their packaging box design to us, usually in AI or PDF format, we check the files and requirements. If everything is clear we make samples send them to the customers and after their approval, we go for mass order production. The other kind of customers is those who do not have any designs in mind. To cater to them we follow two different protocols, as mentioned below:

1. Customers provide us a picture of their packaging box, give us the size, and we design a box for them. This method is quite difficult because the customers tend to ask for various changes in the design such as color, printing content, the position of the product on the color box, etc. Moreover, in such scenarios, the number of boxes required is lower than most orders. 

2. Customer send us the picture and size of their products and allow us to design their packaging box. They also share some insights regarding the packaging style, for instance, their preferred color or other such details to follow. This method also poses some challenges for us, as the customers are usually not satisfied with the very first design and ask us for multiple revisions, especially with regards to the color and layout. This is because our approach sometimes does not align with the customer's mind. 

Sometimes, when the suggestion given by the customer is not reasonable, our design engineer will look into it and offer a suggestion that is more convenient for the design tailor-made just to satisfy the customer. For example, once our customer from Berlin needed a blister box for their product. Blister boxes come with a thin protective film on the outside to protect them from getting dirty and scratches. In the customer’s factory in Sweden, the protective layer was removed after packing. When packed inside a carton for shipping these blister boxes got scratches that do not look good on a new product. This happened because of the absence of the protective layer. Our experienced engineer suggested a plastic box or a soft paper box prevent the blister box from getting dirty before reaching the hands of the customer.

We offer our maximum assistance throughout the order process including designing, and suggestions from industry expert engineers.