How to protect the blister box?

How to protect the blister box?

1. Add film covering the blister. The blister packaging box is produced at the packaging box factory, and it will transport to the customer for packing. Many blister boxes would be scratched if there is no protection during transportation; the blister packaging box is in flat shape during shipping, not in a box shape. It is suitable for shipping and packing. Covering film on the blister box keeps the blister clean, and no scratch at all.

2. Before packing, make sure each worker is wearing cotton gloves, all the packing desk is covered with foam. It is easy to get the fingerprint on, which looks dirty. And if the packing desk is hard, it is easy to scratch the blister packaging box.

3. Keep the film covering on the blister until packing. We tear the film coating while we start folding the blister packaging box. Try to prevent the blister from scratching as much as possible.

4. After packing and before loading the blister box into a carton box, each blister box must be packed with a plastic bag or a soft paper bag. Because the blister box has very hard edges, each blister box must have enough protection.

The blister box is transparent, looks nice, but it is easy to get dirty or to be scratched.