Blister Box

What is Blister Packaging?

Thermoform blister packaging is a reliable retail compatible packaging solution. Initially tried and tested in 1947 to store aspirin tablets in a safe packaging. The making of blister packaging and its use has evolved fairly over time. However, its value at retail has grown significantly as Blister Packaging Box manufacturer came up with innovative solutions.

The process of Blister Packaging Box starts with graded plastic heating and molding to fit on a product with a sturdy backing. This creates a tailor-fit cavity that secures the product in its place with a clear casing, which provides prevention of damage by movement. This protective bubble not only secures the product in its place but also proves as an excellent marketing strategy.

Welcome to the World of Blister Packaging Boxes!

Jadek packaging is the leading Blister Packaging Box supplier. Their exclusive facility can manufacture standard blister packaging, but also customized Blister Packaging Boxes for binders, stationery, tools, toys, pads, and kits. Contact one of our professional packaging experts for more in detail analysis to see how Blister Packaging Boxes can create a more striking appearance for your product.

Our blister packaging box protects the inside product from dust and moisture. This type of packaging boxes is very useful for small toys, electronic parts, connectors, batteries, cells, and wires. It not only helps in preserving the product but also lets you see the goods inside. Blister packaging China is an increasingly popular answer to displaying retail products in stores. Blister Box showcased on our website are harder to steal and to tamper with as compared to polybags. You will be pleased to see our expertise in blister packaging.

Benefits of Our Blister Boxes

From packaging toys to tools and whatnot, if you are looking to buy the best quality China Blister Packaging that compliments your products at the most affordable prices, Jadek is your answer.

Blister packaging box manufacturer of Jadek packaging is a divine solution of retail for lightweight, easy to carry, high-volume products. Our blister packed boxes are easy to ship, easy to pile, and easy to open. 

As the top-tier blister packaging box supplier, we have the most versatile variety of available packaging styles, such as face seal, trap mock, and slide, with a wide variety of backing materials like E-flute corrugated cardboard, SBS paperboard, and foil for truly personal and eye-catching packaging. The adding of cardboard or paperboard by the expert blister packaging manufacturer provides extra room for company logos and product descriptions while providing HD color printing.

Why Buy Blister Packaging from JADEK?

We are the most highly regarded Blister Packaging Supplier all over China, and our list of clients contains many global companies as well as SMEs. Once you buy blister packaging from JADEK, you can rest assured that you and your customer will be highly satisfied when you receive the end product unscathed. The blister packaging fabricated by the supreme blister packaging manufacturer can be used time and again thanks to our innovative clip-shut closure system.

With bulk purchases, we offer amazing discounts. Contact us now and avail of our exciting offers. Being the most advanced blister Packaging supplier, we also provide customized solutions for your requirements. Our packaging is environment friendly and adheres to international standards. If you think blister packaging is just what you need for the safekeeping of your product, you can order it online now.